Deep fakes are coming, and will be making things worse in the divisive hateful intentional ignorance that destroys meaningful discourse.

So good to see that some comics “get it” and are one of the best voices for calling out the elements that perpetuate this stalemate of anger for what it is; wasteful and dangerous.

The recent X-Men: Red series (12 issues, trade collection available) was an amazing run teaching the dangers of this, and in an unusual turn for comics how violence is counter productive to the resolution of truth. Sample below, but it gets even better with one of the greatest endings in comics I’ve ever read.

A timely teaching moment, easily processed.

 X-Men: Red


Woke up this morning to an email about the following web series.

Watched one at random, the one below. 

I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from watching this. Really. Just the right advice, permission, relevancy, inspiration, and so much more.

Certainly going to check out the whole series.

Please enjoy and listen.